Nike: Find Your Greatness


Truth be told, I have not been a very big fan of Nike for many years.  This has been primarily due to their business practices where their endorsements pay a single athlete more than the entire annual payroll of a Southeast Asian manufacturing facility.  For example, Tiger Woods, over a course of 27 years, has been paid approximately US$500 million by Nike.  See:

Conversely, Nike's factory employees in Southeast Asia are typically paid about US$3.50 per day, and they are often not paid the agreed upon wages.  See: and

There are some valid reasons for low pay in these countries.  Imagine the chaos if Nike and other Western companies paid US/EU wages in a region where few people make US/EU minimum wages.  For reference, the Federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hour.  See:   In Europe, the minimum wage varies greatly, but even the lowest minimum wages are higher than what the average Southeast Asian factory pays Nike workers.  See:

Keep in mind that an MD in Vietnam makes approximately US$46,000/year.   See:  In California, a full-time fast food worker can make almost this much (~US$40,000), as the minimum wage for fast food workers in California is $20.00/hour.   See:  The California basic minimum wage is $16.00/hour.  See:

An entire book can be written on the business ethics of Western companies and the amounts they pay to their Southeast Asian factory workers.  Keep in mind, that many electronics and other goods are manufactured in Southeast Asian countries for extremely low rates of pay.

The point of my post is this: Nike made an incredible advertisement with their "Find Your Greatness" advertising campaign!  It can be viewed here:  Nike: Find Your Greatness (

Unfortunately, Nike still needs to find their greatness in paying their apparel workers an adequate wage in a safe working environment.

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Tax News — Week of 23 June 2024

United States
     The California Supreme Court has ruled that the "Taxpayer Protection Act" must be removed from the ballot, as it would be a revision to California's Constitution.  This would require an amendment, rather than an initiative.

     Passage of the 2024 Finance Bill has resulted in protest that turned violent, with several protesters killed and injured by the police.


     Starting in 2030, in Denmark, cows and pigs will be taxed for their contribution to producing greenhouse gases.


Gaza Protests (UC Davis & UC Berkeley)

UC Davis Gaza Protester.

For more than a month now, people have been protesting the war in Gaza, with most of these protests have been on university campuses.  I have had the opportunity to photograph these protests on two University of California campuses -- Davis and Berkeley.

While I am a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, many of these folks have taken it way beyond what is protected speech.  Assault, battery, trespassing, burglary, vandalism, violating campus policies (disrupting graduations, disrupting classes, disrupting exam weeks, blocking bus stops, illegal camping, etc.) have crossed the line from protected speech to criminal activity.

While photographing the protest at UC Davis, I was hit with an umbrella, had many other umbrellas, hands, and other objects shoved in my face and in front of my camera.  I had one "security" guard (who happened to be an unlicensed security guard) shine a bright light into my eyes.  They tried to harass and intimidate me by following me in a public place.  The whole ordeal has left me with a very negative view of these protesters.  Most of them have covered their faces because they know they are committing crimes and violating campus rules.  In short, they are ignorant cowards.

The website CANARY MISSION has created a database of many of these dangerous individuals.  Click here to visit CANARY MISSION's searchable website.

Follow the link for more photos.

UC BERKELEY 05.12.2024